27 lutego 2009


"Drums of Death came to be after an encounter with a dark priest on a sorrowful night in Haiti. A musician known as Colin Bailey emerged from this near fatal encounter as you see him now: dark, dishevelled and disfigured. Cursed by magick, Bailey’s heart was cut out and as he lay on the brink of death, the voodoo priest fixed a broken drum machine into his chest. The voodoo machine pulsed its artificial rhythm through his chest and around his blood, helping bind him to the earth whilst further fuelling his dark desires and terrible urges."

Orientacyjny line-up:

22.00-00.00 I Say Mikey

00.00-01.30 Horror Horror Music

01.30-02.30 Drums Of Death

02.30-pierwsze promienie słońca Hungry Hungry Models

sobota 28 lutego
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3 komentarze:

  1. lecz czy pierwsze promienie słońca przyniosą ocalenie?

  2. gruba biba, drugi po stereoheroes kozak z rzędu. respekt!

  3. http://www.GenerationStrange.com
    zdjęcia z imprezy Horror Horror Music


Nim cokolwiek napiszesz, pomyśl o swojej matce. Czy byłaby dumna?