17 listopada 2009


Strzały Znikąd w nocy od 2:00 do 4:00 w Trójce

Songs: Ohia - I've Been Riding with the Ghost
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You
Built To Spill - Things Fall Apart
Built To Spill - Life's A Dream
The Walkmen - Red Moon
The Walkmen - If Only It Were True
The Flaming Lips - Evil
The Flaming Lips - Powerless
The Flaming Lips - I Can Be A Frog (ft. Karen O)
Devendra Banhart - Rats
Devendra Banhart - Angelika
Devendra Banhart - BrindoDead Man's Bones
Dead Man's Bones - Paper Ships
Dead Man's Bones - Pa Pa Power
Monsters Of Folk - Dear God (sincerely M.O.F.)
Monsters Of Folk - Temazcal
Monsters Of Folk - Slow Down Jo
Kings Of Convenience - Power Of Not Knowing
Kings Of Convenience - Boat Behind
Kings Of Convenience - My Ship Isn't Pretty
Molina & Johnson - All Falls Together
Molina & Johnson - All Gone, All Gone
Molina & Johnson - Now, Divide
Songs: Ohia - Just What Can Last
Songs: Ohia - Blue Chicago Moon

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